Free impartial sustainability advice for businesses looking to make a change in their use of plastics

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The SMI Hub can provide free advice to SMEs with a footprint in the Greater Manchester area who are looking to improve their understanding and make more sustainable choices in their use of plastics.

We initially offer 12 hours of free support to eligible businesses through a range of mechanisms:

Online learning & discovery sessions

These 1-2 hour sessions focus on common plastics and packaging challenges that your business may encounter and what general principles to use when thinking about the sustainability of your packaging and plastics use.

Challenge-based consultations

1-2-1 consultation sessions with a member of our business team based on a series of focussed questions or distinct topic areas related to your plastics or packaging materials usage. These sessions are designed to deliver trusted advice and address challenges that your business is experiencing. Prearranged questions or topics will be researched by the SMI Hub in advance of a 60-90 minute meeting where we can present and discuss our findings with you.

Bespoke business advice

Free consultations with our materials experts aiming to provide tailored research and sustainability advice that addresses the current needs and challenges of your business. Advice can be delivered when necessary or as part of an agreed schedule of work – researching a particular topic in detail and producing a report.

After receiving this initial support from the SMI Hub, businesses can identify whether they may benefit from longer-term collaborations through our Assess and Innovate services.

Where we can help:

Plastics swap

Understanding what plastics your business uses within an existing or potentially new product, identifying if they have suitable material properties for their purpose, and detecting any opportunities for improved sustainability.

Assessing and improving plastic usage

Gain an understanding of how your business currently uses plastics and receive practical advice that can be harnessed to improve sustainability where currently possible. We can signpost to where future improvements to waste infrastructure or policies can prepare a business to realise their greater sustainability ambitions.

Recyclability awareness

Up-to-date information on the recyclability of your plastics/materials within the Greater Manchester waste infrastructure. This information will help you understand where materials used in your business end up following disposal.

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