The Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub (SMI Hub) works with businesses in Greater Manchester to create sustainability solutions for plastics use and end of life.

What does sustainability mean to us?

Established in 2020 by the Henry Royce Institute

The SMI Hub was created by the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials in 2020 with funding from the European Regional Development Fund to support the growing need to combat plastics pollution increasingly associated with major world cities.

The SMI Hub’s current focus is supporting businesses in Greater Manchester with their use of plastics but Royce’s vision for the Hub is much greater. We hope to offer support at a national level and look to create sustainable solutions for many materials, driven by the need for a more circular economy.

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Creating a base in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester was identified as the ideal location for the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub, as a global city playing a leading role in innovation with a focus on advanced materials.

In 2019, the region declared a climate emergency and set itself an ambitious target of being a zero-carbon city by 2038 or before – 12 years earlier than the national 2050 target. This spirit and ambition makes the region an ideal location to act as a test-bed for a pilot regional project for plastics innovation that can be rolled out further in the future.

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A measurable difference


Materials scientists, technical staff and advisors


Worth of materials assessment facilities


SMEs in Greater Manchester eligible for support

Helping you manage your plastics better

For businesses looking to make more sustainable choices when using plastics, understanding where to get the best impartial advice can be overwhelming and costly. External pressures to better manage your plastics can often lead to reactive decision making that may not be the best solution both environmentally and financially.

At the SMI Hub, we have a varied team of specialists from materials experts, technical support staff and business advisors who will work with you to create trusted sustainable solutions for plastics use. We help businesses understand where they can make efficiencies, realise opportunities and avoid unintended consequences when concerned about the sustainability of products or packaging.

What we offer

We offer three overlapping services to businesses looking to make a change in their use of plastics. This includes free sustainability advice, access to materials assessment facilities and innovation support to bring new products or materials to market. You can make an enquiry directly through our contact page or book a free consultation with a member of our business engagement team to find out more.

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Our dedicated team of materials experts, technical staff and business advisors who help businesses co-develop sustainable solutions for plastics and take a first step in a journey to a more sustainable future.

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