9 June 2021

Dr Tom Bennett

As a Research Fellow within the SMI Hub, Tom works predominantly under the ‘Innovate’ strand on next generation sustainable materials. He is responsible for developing core innovations and translating them into practice through engaging in a portfolio of projects co-developed with SMEs across Greater Manchester and beyond.

Tom is passionate about all aspects of polymer science and has spent more than 10 years studying and working in this area, all the way from outside-of-the-box fundamental research projects through to late-stage industry collaborations. Along this journey he has become increasingly aware of the complex challenges standing in the way of our transition to a circular economy, and has a strong desire to use his experience to further this cause. Tom’s research career began in Australia, where he completed a PhD in polymer chemistry from the University of Queensland, before moving to the UK in 2016 to take up a postdoc position at the University of Nottingham. During this time, he collaborated on projects with applications ranging from greener routes to energy storage materials, to sustainable cosmetics, and low energy electronic displays.

Before transitioning to his current role, Tom joined the Shaver group at The University of Manchester as a KTP Associate in 2019, where he worked on developing more sustainable resins for use in the construction industry. Tom loves the outdoors, and tries to spend as much of his spare time as possible hiking, playing tennis, running, and bouldering.

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