29 May 2024

Dr Torik Holmes

Dr Torik Holmes is a Hallsworth Research Fellow with a Focus on External Engagement and Impact. Torik’s current research concerns post-consumer plastic packaging recycling in the UK. He’s interested in the configuration of persistent challenges and opportunities to address these, with the acceleration of sustainable transitions a core focus of his work. Having completed his BA in Journalism, Media and Sociology at Cardiff University, he undertook an MA in Sociology at the University of Manchester (UoM). Torik conducted his PhD in Sociology as part of the DEMAND Research Centre at Lancaster University. He was subsequently an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Cardiff University, following which he returned to UoM to join the ‘One Bin to Rule Them All’ team as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. Though Torik’s disciplinary roots and training lie in sociology, he enjoys working in an interdisciplinary setting within which he’s able to complement critical thinking on shared social and environmental challenges. Torik has a base in Sociology and is a member of the Sustainable Consumption Institute, sitting on the latter’s management team. He’s published across a range of academic and public outlets. Torik enjoys writing, reading, listening and (most of all) talking.

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