18 August 2021

Dr Jonny Blaker

Dr. Jonny Blaker is Senior Lecturer in Biomaterials at The University of Manchester (promoted 2018) and Adjunct Professor (Professor II) at The University of Oslo, Department of Biomaterials (since 2019). Prior to joining The University of Manchester as Lecturer in 2014 he was Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, in the Polymer Composites and Engineering (PaCE) group working with Alexander Bismarck developing bioinspired hierarchical composites, sustainable biobased composites, and bioactive composites for medical use. Before joining PaCE he completed a one-year Medical Research Council funded ‘discipline-hopping’ PDRA position in Kings College London and then University College London. He obtained his PhD in 2007 from the Department of Materials, Imperial College London under the supervision of Aldo Boccaccini. He completed his MSc in Composite Materials, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London in 2002. He has a professional background as a Design Engineer, Dyson Ltd (1999-2001), and a BEng from Brunel University.

He established his Bioactive Materials Group in 2014. Principal research areas are i) hierarchical composite materials and fibres as scaffolds for regenerative medicine, and ii) advanced materials derived from synthetic biology/2D nanocomposite materials. He has a background in the development of bio-based materials, including (nano)cellulose, silk, gelatin, alginate and chitosan – their derivatisation and processing into composites and fibres via disruptive fibre spinning technologies.

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