Innovation10 January 2023

Sourceful launches new HydroTec Paper Pouch that reduces plastic by 99% and carbon emissions by up to 40%

Global packaging company Sourceful (backed by Index Ventures) announced the launch of their new HydroTec Paper Pouch this month. Made from FSC-certified paper, the HydroTec Paper Pouch reduces plastic use by 99% and carbon emissions by up to 40% compared to traditional plastic pouches. This HydroTec Paper Pouch is now one of the lowest carbon footprint options for flexible pouches on the market, and the dramatic reduction in plastic suggests it is also kerbside recyclable.

To quantify and characterise the content of their pouches, Sourceful partnered with the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub (SMI Hub), part of the Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester.

Talking about the partnership, Professor Michael Shaver, SMI Hub Director said,

“It’s been exciting to use our best-in-class research capabilities to explore a product like Sourceful’s HydroTec Paper Pouch. With accurate and transparent analysis supporting a product like this, businesses can make better-informed decisions about their packaging.”

Whilst sustainability is a clear focus for Sourceful’s new pouches, they’ve not overlooked functionality and branding opportunities. The water-based barrier in the HydroTec Paper Pouch keeps products fresh for up to 18 months — making it ideal for products such as pet treats, confectionary and coffee — and custom printing (up to 8 colours), custom sizing and a range of formats, shapes and paper types allow brands to bring their ideas to life. And with its matte finish, the HydroTec Paper Pouch offers a unique way to stand out on the shelf amongst a sea of plastic.

In the wake of the launch, VP of New Product Development James Buckley said, “We’re delighted to finally offer our new HydroTec Paper Pouches after months of research and testing. It represents a much-needed leap forward for paper-based flexible packaging, and it’ll play a critical role in reducing plastic use for countless businesses.”



About the Carbon Emission Study

Sourceful conducted a study estimating the carbon footprint of this paper pouch and a virgin mono-layer PE pouch from the same manufacturer. This was carried out for an order of 50k units, assessing the product’s impact across the full life cycle, excluding transport to final customer. For more details contact us at

About Sourceful

Sourceful is a packaging platform for climate-conscious brands. From startups to multinationals, businesses use Sourceful to design, produce and manage packaging that has a positive and measurable impact.

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About the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub

The Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub (SMI Hub) works with SMEs across Greater Manchester to create trusted sustainability solutions with plastics. Led by the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials and the University of Manchester, the SMI Hub is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and has been established to improve the understanding, use, and consumption of plastics across the region.

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